Canaan Fir Holiday Bundle

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Increasingly popular tree that known for great needle retention and pleasing fragrance.

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Canaan Fir

Similar in appearance to the Balsam fir, its needles tend to be about one inch in length and vary more in color. The foliage can often be similar to the appearance of the Fraser fir. Relatively new to the Christmas tree industry.

Tree height listed is minimum guaranteed height.  For example, a 7' tree is between 7-8', guaranteed to be at least 7' tall.

  • USDA #1
  • 5 ft
  • 6 ft
  • 7 ft
  • 8 ft
  • 9 ft

Tree Pick Up and Disposal

Schedule environment friendly pick up and disposal of your Christmas tree.


Christmas Tree Care Kit

Kit includes 1 White removal bag, 1 Granular packet of Tree Life Nutrient and 1 Static cling “Reminder” to water your Christmas tree.

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Cinco Express Tree Stand

Made in the USA, these popular tree stands offer great support all season long.

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Each Christmas Tree purchase includes free delivery, setup and disposal!

Canaan Fir



Tree Height

5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, 9 ft



Branch Strength


Needle Retention


Needle Type


Needle Length


Tree Pick Up and Disposal

Disposal Date

Decline disposal service., Monday, December 28th, Monday, January 4th, Monday, January 11th

Cinco Express Tree Stand

Max Tree Size

10 ft

Max Trunk Diameter

7 in

Water Reservoir

2 gal


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