How to pick the perfect size Christmas Tree

How tall are your ceilings?

The height of your ceiling is the most important factor in determining the perfect Christmas Tree size.

How Big is your Room?

The size of your room should be considered when selecting a Christmas Tree. For every foot in tree height, you need up to 2/3 foot of floor space.

Don't forget the angel!

Both the tree stand and tree topper need to be considered when selecting a Christmas Tree. Allow or up to 12 inches of space for your stand and topper.

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Ceiling Height

Tree Height

Tree Width

Floor Space

7 ft

5-6 ft

2 1/2 ft

9 sqft

8 ft

6-7 ft

3 ft

12 sqft

9 ft

7-8 ft

3.5 ft

16 sqft

10 ft

8-9 ft

4 ft

20 sqft

12 ft

10-11 ft

5 ft

30 sqft

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